Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6th 2009

taking a little study break today
i decided to take a walk around the garden...

came across a fallen palm leaf stump
that looked interesting...

sort of like a giant seed pod.

so i decided to make it into a hat...

as you do

well it IS the time of year for millinery here

though not quite 'fashions on the field'

more like

'fashions from the field'


  1. Hi Victoria

    instead of the gum nut baby you must be the palm tree lady...

    Happy days

  2. hello. i just found your blog-- love the transition from found palm leaf to wearable art.

  3. A leaf that looks like a cave,
    A hat that looks like a coat,
    a giant hood.
    In the 2 first photos you use the palm leaf to put the ray of light in evidence, in the 2 last ones, you're protecting yourself with the same leaf from the light. It's a nice series.
    Nice mastering of light.