Saturday, November 13, 2010

getting from a to b

for as long as i have lived here
every so often an alien sound
has broken into my consciousness...

a train whistle...

and today i found the answer to this mystery.

Russell and his 30 year labour of love
across 100 acres
of mountainous terrain.

a railway.
we all climbed aboard,
and journeyed up the side of Mt Tinbeerwah
to the *station*
at the summit.

And the view.
and shared some tucker and a yarn as the sun set...

what a strange and wonderful world
lies just beyond
our everyday lives...



  1. Adventuring and discovering are ace!

    PS - what does "Attend to derail" actually mean?

  2. Sounds fantastic!! historical ! Beautiful photos!

  3. Lovely view from the top! Thanks for sharing.