Monday, May 16, 2011

wasabi party I

the end of the noosa food and wine festival
signals the beginning
of the annual wasabi party...

with guest chef Guillaume Brahimi
Guillaume's at Bennelong

and of course the wasabi team


  1. a creative work! excellent!! i love your blog! congratulations! you can, if you want it, to visit my blog. i hope enjoy it! (my english it's so bad..)

  2. Hello!
    Sorry in response to your comment :)
    Agreed the look thing isn't a big deal. I guess I have just found the perfect job at the moment (in hardware) where I can fully express myself, where I feel complete. I feel it very important to express myself, and be as everyone keeps saying :individual" i get numerous comments, most from older people who lived in a better generation, about all my jewllery and flared pants, etc. how I look so unique. I feel it defines me. I don't want to feel cramped in a job that represents conformity too much, its just not me and if I am not going to be happy with it, I can't do it. So its trial and error.
    If it even happens. I have heard nothing back from them about the job. As I mentioned, I think it is this "junior" position thing . . .job market up here is shit lately, money is becoming scarce, lots of places are closing down. I think money will be a big factor and they wont want to put someone expensive on, like me. I'll give it another week fingers crossed!