Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 2nd 2009

'floods and mud'

today we have had over 200mm of rain between 9am and 4pm...

and it is STILL raining - hard.

my little home is under threat,
and the road at the end of my street has been closed since before 5pm,
so we are currently cut off.

so tonight finds me here at my computer instead of at work...
listening to the rain pounding on my roof,
and wondering what tomorrow will bring...

maybe i should be designing an ark...hehehe


  1. Hope you don't get washed away!

    There's a thunderstorm going on as I type, but we're loving the rain down here in these parched parts.

  2. what we need is a big funnel here that ends up in you guys get all the rain you need and we can dry out our soggy bits for a while ;)