Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28th 2009


1) sophia hanging her stunning artwork

2) the zen of geta

3) sunset @ wasabi

4) the bar with the private dining area shown at rear

well...we did it!

somehow we managed to get everything ship-shape enough to open
this evening.

it was a low-key evening of invited regulars and friends;
those who would be forgiving of the rough edges
and teething problems ;)

it was the first time i had seen the restaurant at night...
so so stunning.

i can hardly believe i get to work there!

i am so proud :)


  1. Victoria,
    It looks stunning. I paddled by last night and saw the private dining nook. Sunsets are so wonderful from that angle this time of year.
    Thanks for your comment on Murray. I guess when they curl the tail they are getting ready to lash out.

  2. PS did you notice many of us have lost out followers...

  3. Looks great and it's nice to hear you so excited and enthusiastic about it.

    Love the sunset pic - what a fantastic place to work. I was going to say peaceful but since it's a restaurant, peace might end at the door.