Wednesday, February 23, 2011


when i first saw Leandro Erlich's installation
the swimming pool (2001)
it was a strange experience...

i saw it first, as was intended, from above.

it brought up a lot of crazy feelings.

i was unsure about how i would deal with *below*
but took a deep breath
and went for it...

when i first arrived below the surface
there were others already there
many of them disorientated and unsure...
and one by one they left

so i lay alone,
on the bottom of the pool,
for a long, long time

and being watched...

it was a wonderfully strange
weirdly comforting experience...

(a german tourist took photographs of me from above...and
promised to email them to me
for a different perspective...)


  1. ! You are joking me!! Did you really go to the bottom of the pool and with your camera!! Nah!
    If you did then my god you have changed a lot!!

  2. Was you thinking about John here? Trying to see how he felt?

  3. it's actually an illusion :)

    what looks like *underwater* is a room, the ceiling of which forms the surface of the pool, which is then covered in water. it's amazingly effective though - both from above and below...

    a lot of people were uncomfortable *underneath* but i found it very interesting. i just lay on the floor for ages watching people, watching me. I probably freaked a few of them out actually!

  4. its a wonderful experience...i too felt the same..wonderful shots Victoria and words ...

  5. Hi KM, isn't it the most amazing exhibition? I had such a fantastic day :)

  6. dang! I wish I was there with you on the bottom of the pool.....