Monday, February 14, 2011


today i turn 38 years old...
and i wonder...where does the time go?


  1. That picture is amazing!!

    Happy Birthday!! Don't let time get to you, keep living it up, no matter your age!!

    I know a 72 year old who still makes the most of life, still travels, builds, sees things, does things, so active. . .

    You're not evven there yet!!!

  2. What a great picture, I hope you have a fantastic birthday as well as a great Valentine's Day

  3. time goes with the changing best to catch a breeze and fly with it...

  4. Tell me about it

    Soon you start thinking about what is it all worth in the end. Will I still be here when I am gone and will anything really mean something in the end...

    Refreshing to see a lady open about her age tho ;)